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Management accounting and reporting

Running a business is like competing in a race - you need to know how fast you’re going and how much fuel you have. Unfortunately unlike in a car you don’t have a dashboard set up to give you this information. That’s where an accountant like us comes in.

Our expertise in management accounting and reporting has been a long time in the making. Through an efficient combination of knowledgeable staff, contemporary reporting tools and high quality accounting systems, we deliver real-time financial and statistical information that aids you to make important day-to-day and short term decisions.

To make sure that your business performs at optimum profitability, Peacock offers a range of services that identify, assess, collect, analyse and interpret management information.

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Our service to you includes :

  • Management reports (monthly, quarterly and yearly)
  • Actual vs. budgeted performance
  • Cash flow forecasts and management
  • Sales, expenses
  • Profit and loss per period
  • Balance sheets
  • Key performance indicators
  • Profitability of projects
  • Asset appraisal
  • Surplus and deficiencies in resources, bad debts, etc.
  • Trend chart, variance analysis and other statistics
  • Measures to control costs